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TechHelp Ottawa is a small, home-based multi-service business that has been in operation for over six years. With plenty of experience behind us, we take pride in converting old analogue media such as vinyl records and audio and video tapes to digital formats using the latest state-of-the art software and equipment.

TechHelp Ottawa also specializes in setting up, installing and troubleshooting operating systems and software applications on Mac™ computers and Apple iOS™ devices.

TechHelp also excels at website and print design as well as desktop publishing. Whether it's a simple business card, menu or brochure or a sophisticated corporate magazine or website, we design the layout and arrange the printing or publishing.

Who Is TechHelp Ottawa?

The driving force behind TechHelp Ottawa is a semi-retired teacher who, in his most recent assignment, served as a Central Instructional Technology Coach with the National Capital's largest public school board.

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Whether helping students sharpen their computer skills, assisting educators with their technical needs in the classroom, or lending a volunteer hand to the retiree down the street, Stuart Fraser, OCT, draws upon over 35 years of classroom teaching experience. In 2007 he received a Capital Educators' Award for excellence in teaching from OCRI (Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation) and in 2012 was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Stuart holds B.of S.Sc. and B.of Ed. degrees and has earned a Specialist in Special Education. Stuart maintains his qualifications as an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT). As such, he is a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Stuart holds an Apple Authorized Training Certificate of Achievement, and in July of 2012 he applied to Apple Inc.™ and was offered a position at an Ottawa area Apple Store. Stuart also holds a Level II Certificate in SMARTboard™ training.

Besides his education and technology experience, Stuart worked in his very early years as a newspaper and radio reporter, radio producer, a "gaffer" on commercial film shoots, and as a political staffer on Parliament Hill. He is originally from Northern Manitoba.

+TechHelp Ottawa is in no way affiliated with Apple Inc., as they are distinct and separate entities. Any advice or assistance provided by TechHelp Ottawa is done so as a private service and is not endorsed by Apple Inc. in any way. TechHelp Ottawa only attempts to allow better understanding of said computers through instruction and tutorials. Apple is the sole owner of the “Mac” and “iOS” trademarks.

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Volunteer Work

Work with the Retired Teachers of Ontario, where he served on the District 27 Board of Directors, keeps Stuart engaged and connected with the community. He redesigned and currently maintains their website, was volunteer co-editor and design artist for their corporate magazine, Horizons 27 for five years, and designed their logos, recruitment brochures, and other publications.

In April, 2015, Stuart donated his time and expertise to the redesign of the Heritage North Museum website in Thompson, Manitoba.

Stuart also designed and currently hosts a community association website and blog.
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