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We Digitize 8mm Camcorder & Digital Hi8 Tapes to DVD & MP4
(NTSC & PAL formats)

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Video digitizing the right way!

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At TechHelp Ottawa, we do video digitizing the right way! We use only the best equipment available such as high quality analogue 8mm "Camcorder" and analogue Hi8 cameras capable of playing tapes recorded in the North American NTSC format.

We can also accommodate digital Hi8 tapes that are compatible with both North American NTSC and PAL formats.

We have also invested heavily in state-of-the-art computer software for digitally capturing 8mm or Hi8 content for conversion to MP4 video files. For analogue tapes recorded in the NTSC format, MP4 files are manually cropped to eliminate the squiggly line at the bottom of the picture that is produced by what is called the NTSC video signal — a byproduct of the digitization process.

MP4 files can be edited for audio and video properties. Just ask us.



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8mm & Hi8 TAPE TO DVD


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NOTE: Sound restoration techniques can be applied to video files converted from VHS, 8mm Camcorder and Mini-DV tapes. This is particularly effective in reducing consistent background noise such as fans, air conditioners and hum, and in enhancing voices. Visit this page on our website.

• Rates are subject to change without notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

• The viewer chooses from one menu item at the beginning of the DVD.

• Since the DVD is imbedded with chapter markers, the "Skip" button on the remote control can be used to navigate forward at equal-intervals of 5 or 10 minutes. "Fast Forward" and "Rewind" buttons can also be used to to navigate through content.

• This method copies the entire VHS tape from beginning to end — blank spots and all — just like the original!

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We use the best equipment available to ensure the best quality possible. We caution, however, that most video camera tapes are analogue, producing only a low resolution picture at a 4 X 3 aspect ratio (like with older TVs).

Moreover, the picture quality of video camera tapes is notoriously poor! Quality is adversely affected by tape deterioration, slow recording speed, less than ideal shooting conditions, over and under exposure, tracking problems, dizzying camera movements, etc. The DVD reproduces exactly these imperfections.
Yes, we can edit your 8mm Camcorder tape content, but additional fees will apply. Please ask us in advance about editing your VHS content.

NOTE: Sound restoration techniques can be applied to MP4 video files as well. This is particularly effective in reducing consistent background noise such as fans, air conditioners and hum, and in enhancing voices. Ask us to explain.
We use only the best equipment such as a state-of-the art high definition Canon Vixia HV30 Digital Camcorder, Sony Hi8 Camcorder, Mac computers and advanced movie editing software.
Upon request, the surface of each DVD is professionally imprinted with a custom-made label using an inkjet printing technique. Each DVD is packaged in a paper sleeve for protection.

Tips For Better Service

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that tapes are accurately labelled and organized. This helps us to properly label the resulting DVDs.
To make things easier for us, and to ensure that your DVD or video files contain the exact content desired, please fast forward each video camera tape to the point where content ends. When we receive your tape, we will set the counter to 000, rewind the tape to the beginning, and then record the tape until it reaches that 000 point again. Otherwise, we will have no idea of the length of your tapes.
It is very helpful when you can indicate to us the length of each tape. This can save you money, as two short tapes (one hour or less each) can be put onto one DVD. Otherwise, each video camera tape is transferred to its own DVD, regardless of length (up to two hours).

Ottawa: 343-887-8715

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Happy Client

I am a freelance videographer. I chose TechHelp after looking around for a reputable company to convert my video portfolio. I was very impressed with the quality of service and products."
R. Cloutier—Videographer, Orleans

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All prices are in Canadian dollars and include tax. Rates may change without notice.