TechHelp Ottawa Specializes in
Audio Restoration and Voice Enhancement

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TechHelp Ottawa has invested heavily in state-of-the-art software and hardware, supporting the latest advancements in analogue and digital sound editing, audio restoration and voice enhancement.

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Our services include the following:
  • noise reduction (that minimizes pops and clicks from vinyl albums and 78 RPM recordings)
  • equalization, especially of 78 RPM records
  • noise reduction (that lessens tape hiss and consistent background noise such as fans, air conditioners, hum, etc.)
  • isolating and enhancing voices
  • normalization (evening out volume)
  • editing out of unwanted parts and silent spots
  • merging files together
  • conversion from one audio file format to another
  • noise reduction for video tapes
NOTE #1: Noise reduction is effective only in reducing CONSISTENT background noise (i.e. fans, air conditioners, hiss, hum and surface noise on records). Noise reduction does NOT work with inconsistent sounds such as crowds, background chatter, intermittent noise, laughter, etc.

NOTE #2: Successful voice isolation and/or enhancement depends on the signal to noise ratio; that is, the level of the desired signal (voice) compared to the level of the background noise. When the volume of the voice (signal) is low and the background noise is high, this is called a low signal to noise ratio. The lower the signal to noise, the less likely a voice can be isolated and enhanced. Inconsistent background noise further complicates the process.

Sound restoration techniques can be applied to video files, including those converted from VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Betamax, 8mm Camcorder and Mini-DV tapes. This is particularly effective in reducing consistent background noise such as fans, air conditioners and hum, normalizing volume, and in enhancing voices.

Rates: Fees for audio editing are negotiable, as the process can be very time consuming and there are many factors to be considered

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