What Do People Say About TechHelp Ottawa's Services?

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Our clients are very pleased with the quality of the services they have received! Just ask them . . .

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A Sampling of our Clients

Our clients include: Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces; Judicial Affairs Canada; Archaeology and History Branch / Indigenous Affairs and Cultural Heritage Directorate, Parks Canada Agency; Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions; Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE); Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association (CWSA): Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of New Brunswick; Collection Development, Jean-Léon Allie Library, Saint Paul University; Wabano Centre; Ottawa Children's Choir; Lee Valley Tools; Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTOERO); Education Retirees Association of Ottawa (ERAO); Eclipse Plus; Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany; Ishaka Cultural Group; Recording Artist, Producer & Former Stampeders Manager Mel Shaw; Sweet Grass Records; Lutheran Church Eastern Synod; Rideau Ferry Harbour Marina; Enviro Lac Gauvreau; Henike Contracting, Inc.; Futures Food Products; The Ayalik Fund; Northern Laundry; Heritage North Museum, EclipsePlus.
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At TechHelp Ottawa, we process mail orders from throughout Canada. In addition to our clients in the National Capital region, we have completed orders from Okanagan BC; Cowichan Lake, BC; Edmonton, AB; Regina, SK, Cabri, SK; Winnipeg, MB; Dauphin, MB, Thompson, MB; Kingston, ON; Smiths Falls, ON; Perth, ON; Rideau Ferry, ON; St. Catherine’s, ON; Sarnia, ON; Montreal, PQ; Peel, NB; Florenceville-Bristol, NB; Lunenburg, NS; St. John’s, NL; etc

Digital Transfer Services

We have listened to the CDs and you have done a great job! We think the CDs sound better than the original records. Listening to the music after all these years brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much.
Cathy and Mark Kelly
I couldn't be happier with the service I received from TechHelp Ottawa. The sound quality from the cassette tape was amazingly clear and the custom made label was the perfect finishing touch. The entire transaction was easy and quick. I appreciate that it was affordable and that all fees were clearly listed up front. I would recommend TechHelp Ottawa to anyone looking for audio transfers!
Katie J.
Just wanted to drop by a quick thanks for the conversion yesterday. The song sounds good and it's nice to finally be able to listen to it (didn't want to damage it with my cheap player). It was really great to have such affordable and quick service. I'll definitely refer you in the future should I have any friends with vinyl jobs.
Cheers, Ted M.
We have several cassette tapes in our family dating back 30 to 50 years. They contain musical memories of family gatherings. and they're not pristine recordings; an inexpensive tape recorder placed in the middle of my grandparent's dining table and all my dad's brothers and sisters playing and singing. Celtic reels played on a fiddle, old country favourites harmonized with guitar accompaniment, dishes and bottles clinking in the background and children laughing and never being told to be quiet; that's what these tapes contain – my childhood.

I also have recordings of my two children when they were very young, singing and giggling. I laugh and cry while I listen to these recordings I made so long ago. What a gift.

I researched the web carefully and when I found Stuart Fraser's website it gave me the impression of someone who takes care in their work. I hoped he designed the site because it is impressive in a world of confusing, slapped together sites that just frustrate. I was right.

From the minute I contacted him it was a smooth, congenial process. He offered great suggestions and ideas I hadn't thought of; something you hope for in a professional and often don't find.

If you're thinking of archiving your cassettes or special photographs while they are still intact, I recommend him to anyone who needs this work done. Stuart's fair prices came as an additional bonus.

You won't be disappointed.

Sincerely, Peggy F.
“I just wish to thank you, Tech Help, for the CDs you produced from my music tapes. Every time I play one I am grateful (no—MOST grateful) to you. My life is much richer now. Lots of good memories come to me. With much gratitude and appreciation for your skills to produce such great quality. Thanks a million!”
Martin H.
"I am a freelance videographer. I chose TechHelp after looking around for a reputable company to convert my video portfolio. I was very impressed with the quality of service and products."
R. Cloutier—Videographer, Orleans
"I am employed by a facility in Ottawa that supports clients struggling with substance use issues. We use a variety of training tools for staff - including some that were still on cassette tape.

Our Centre hired Tech Help Ottawa on June 29, 2010 to convert 14 cassette training tapes to CD so that we could continue utilizing them. The tape lengths varied from 60 to 90 minutes.

We were very pleased with the outcome as much of the training information was still relevant. The job was completed quickly and Tech Help Ottawa was very professional. We would be more than happy to employ Tech Help Ottawa for any future conversion requirements."

Wendy W.
"I grew up with my mother’s collection of 78s, though I hadn’t heard them in many years. Who has a 78 rpm turntable anymore? But Tech Help Ottawa was able to convert them into audio files, and with amazing sound to boot. It was a life’s joy to listen to them. And, at 91, Mom got to hear the old music again."
John I. — Journalist
"It was a nostalgic, if minor, exercise. In what must have been a somewhat fastidious task, Tech Help transfered 62 45 rpm tracks to CD's with excellent results at a very reasonable price. Records dating from the 60's and 70's from Europe, Latin and North America can now be enjoyed without jumping up every 10 minutes to change the record. (I no longer have a stacked spindle for the player.)"
JR Roy—Happy Customer
"Thanks to TechHelp, I can now watch my wedding videos without fear of the VHS tapes being ruined. What a great service. Tech Help Ottawa took my old VHS tapes and converted them to DVD. The service was quick, convenient, and best of all affordable! I now not only have the DVD, but a backup as well. I will definitely use them again if needed."
Brenda M—Gr. 6 Teacher
"I had an old cassette tape lying around that I had wanted to transfer to CD for a long time. It was a tape of my grandmother talking about her life and singing some songs in her mother tongue (Italian), and it was very precious to me. TechHelp Ottawa took good care of the cassette tape and they were able to make my grandmother's voice much clearer than it had been on the original cassette. They also printed a picture of my now deceased grandmother on the label. I thought this was a nice touch."
Brenda B.
"In the summer of 2009 Tech Help Ottawa offered to help me in the transfer of my father's old reel film to DVDs. These are movies dating from the mid-50s and consequently very dear to me and my siblings. It was a time-consuming process to copy some forty reels of various sizes and lengths onto their computer but Tech Help Ottawa persevered.

When all the copying had been done, we two sat down together several times to talk about editing, adjusting, labelling and finally, transferring.

Tech Help Ottawa's patience and professionalism were evident throughout the process and they consistently offered sage advice. I was very satisfied with the final results (as were my brothers and sister to whom I gave copies for Christmas). I would not hesitate to recommend Stuart; he is dependable and affable . . ."
Brian Morphy, EA
"I presented TechHelp Ottawa with nearly 20 LP records, many of them collector's items. The rest were very important to me for sentimental reasons. I wanted them put onto CDs and I wanted copies made so that I could give them as gifts. Considering that most of the records were in pretty bad shape, I was very pleased that nealrly all of the crackle had disappeared when I listened to the CDs. I was also surprised that each CD was labelled and enclosed in a sleeve."
Alex B.—Retiree

Website Design & Publishing

"I am a visual artist, and as such, am in need of a way to display my work easily, cheaply and to a wide audience. TechHelp Ottawa was able to design an efficient and attractive interactive website, which I have been happily using for the past 3 years."
Wenna D—Artist
"I needed a web site to showcase my books which I am selling through the internet. TechHelp Ottawa built me a wonderful site complete with flying seagulls, flashing artwork and audio clips. It's bright, clear, user friendly and gives all the important information I needed to get sales going. It's only been up and running for a year or so, but I have since received an inquiry from a publisher who is interested in my work. A great job at a very reasonable price."
Anthony Morrissey-Ready—Author
"TechHelp Ottawa set-up an amazing website for selling our house.  Their good cheer, technical expertise, judgement, and facility to correct/enhance photos were amazing.  They’re highly recommended!"
Graham G.
"When I was searching for a reputable company to design my website, I immediately approached TechHelp Ottawa. I knew that my website would be designed with professional quality and care. The finished product surpassed my expectations. The updates on my website are always timely and accurate. TechHelp Ottawa is your final stop for all of your technological needs. Period."
Roy Berger—Two time Guinness Record Holder
"I wish to express my sincere thanks for the absolutely masterful job done in developing my personal web-site.

The creativity, ingenuity and artistry that has been brought to bear on this project is nothing short of masterful. I have received much praise and numerous compliments on the site and, as a result, I simply want to officially give credit where credit is due."
Kevin S. MacLeod, CVO, CD—Author, former Usher of the Black Rod, Canadian Secretary to the Queen

Computer Setup

"It was absolutely painless. TechHelp Ottawa helped me choose the right laptop, then set it up and organized a secure wireless network in my home. They set up an external hard drive and showed me how to backup my music, photos and files "just in case". And, they plugged in a little wireless gizmo that streams tunes from my laptop music library to the stereo. I am delighted and my kids think their Mum is a computer wizard. Thanks TechHelp Ottawa."
Heather B.—Library Technician
"TechHelp Ottawa set me up with my new Mac laptop, and patiently answered all my questions as a first-time Mac user. They made sure that everything worked the first day, even things that I didn't think were important at the time. I still refer to their list of suggestions a year later as I get to know my computer better."
Anna L.
"I have used TechHelp Ottawa's services several times: initially to help set me up with a home Mac computer and wireless network, but later to help purchase and set up my daughter's laptop for college. When power surges knocked my computer out, they got it up and running like new. They also set up my digital music system which I really enjoy. TechHelp Ottawa solves problems with a persistence that never lets technical challenges overwhelm."
Angie T—Office Administrator
"TechHelp Ottawa has immense technical knowledge and skill, but that’s not their greatest contribution. They are incredibly dedicated to making sure the client is happy and has a truly useful system that he or she can actually use. TechHelp Ottawa takes delight in bringing technology into people’s lives, and they aren’t content until the customer has exactly the right technology, and is using and enjoying it. Their patience is infinite, particularly with "techno-peasants" like so many of us who don't have the time or inclination to keep up with the latest."
Jack H.—Teacher
"TechHelp Ottawa provides unparalleled service, with a very sensible approach to your computer matters—including everything from setting up your computer, to troubleshooting, to rectifying technical issues. TechHelp possesses the necessary knowledge, tools, and expertise of the trade to provide you with 'user- friendly' support!

Their insightfulness and relentless pursuit of staying up-to-date with the tech world make TechHelp your trusted choice for reliable computer support!"
Rob Dawson—IMac user since 2007
"TechHelp Ottawa helped us select and purchase a large-screen, high definition television. Since we had last purchased a TV over 15 years ago, this was our first foray into the myriad options on the market in today's digital world. TechHelp Ottawa outlined the general options, and approximate total costs we would expect to incur. After making our choice, he guided us through the buying process - warning us of common pitfalls. After taking delivery, TechHelp Ottawa provided valuable assistance with the set-up."
Normand S.—University of Ottawa
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Volunteer Contributions

Since the spring of 2020, Stuart Fraser has volunteered with Connected Canadians, an Ottawa-based non-profit organization that assists senior citizens throughout Canada with their technology needs at no charge.

In 2018, TechHelp Ottawa donated time and expertise to redesigning and rebuilding the website for the Ayalik Fund, a Canadian charity focused on helping Inuit youth from Nunavut to build self-confidence and self-esteem through outdoor adventure. TechHelp continues to maintain this website at no charge.


In 2015, TechHelp Ottawa donated time and expertise to redesigning and rebuilding the Heritage North Museum website in Thompson, Manitoba. TechHelp continues to maintain this website at no charge.


For five years, the owner of TechHelp Ottawa volunteered with District 27 of the Retired Teaches of Ontario as co-editor and design artist for their corporate magazine, Horizons 27, and designed their logos, recruitment brochures, and other publications. TechHelp designed and continues to maintain their website.


"During the 2008 Government of Canada charitable campaign, a number of fund-raising efforts were made in our Department. Although each one was as innovative as the other, one particular project stood out in our sector: the production of a calendar with photos of management members, which was very successful and generated a tidy sum. This project would not have been possible without the invaluable volunteer contribution of TechHelp Ottawa. Because we did not have a production budget, they graciously designed a custom layout and produced a beautiful calendar in record time and at no charge, and for this we are very grateful. Thank you!"
Nicole L., Federal Civil Service

Words of Appreciation

"As a school principal, I appreciated TechHelp Ottawa's technical expertise in setting up our school websites for my last two schools. Updates were timely, accurate and always creatively done. Not only are they excellent problem solvers, but TechHelp's good ideas and creativity around showcasing my schools have made a great impact on students, staff, parents and the community. If you want to represent your business or organization well, hire Tech Help Ottawa."
Heather G.—Principal
"Along with a digital camera and photo printer, TechHelp Ottawa helped me purchase and set up my first home computer—a Mac. They also helped me overcome the intimidation of getting started using my new equipment. With their patience and perseverance, I've gained a better understanding and confidence! I now email pictures to friends and family and broadcast my music wirelessly from my computer to locations throughout my house. They also helped me buy and set up my high definition TV, and their ongoing assistance is just a phone call away!"
Pauline H.—Retired government employee
“I appreciated TechHelp Ottawa’s help in setting up my computer-based music library, which allows me to broadcast music wirelessly to my stereo system. I was very impressed with how they persevered to solve the issues with my older Windows computer.”
Rick C.—Retired principal
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