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Some Samples of our Websites

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Enviro Lac Gauvreau
(Proudly Donated)

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The Ayalik Fund
(Proudly Donated)

Our clients include: Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces; Judicial Affairs Canada; Archaeology and History Branch / Indigenous Affairs and Cultural Heritage Directorate, Parks Canada Agency; Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions; Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE); Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association (CWSA): Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of New Brunswick; Collection Development, Jean-Léon Allie Library, Saint Paul University; Wabano Centre; Ottawa Children's Choir; Lee Valley Tools; Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTOERO); Education Retirees Association of Ottawa (ERAO); Eclipse Plus; Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany; Ishaka Cultural Group; Recording Artist, Producer & Former Stampeders Manager Mel Shaw; Sweet Grass Records; Lutheran Church Eastern Synod; Rideau Ferry Harbour Marina; Enviro Lac Gauvreau; Henike Contracting, Inc.; Futures Food Products; The Ayalik Fund; Northern Laundry; Heritage North Museum, EclipsePlus.
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