TechHelp Ottawa Specializes In
Websites For Mobile Platforms!

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We Design Smartphone-Ready Websites

We build responsive sites that automatically adapt
to all computer, tablet and smartphone displays.

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Specializing In Websites For Mobile Platforms!
How many times have you been unable to view your favourite restaurant's website on your smartphone? Perhaps the text was too small and it was difficult to navigate. Or you might have been prevented from entering the website at all!

That's because not all web developers have kept up with the demands presented by the exponential increase in mobile device popularity.

Did you know that designing websites that are compatible with mobile devices requires the use of special Flash-free code presented in a unique format? We can do it! (See a live example of one of our responsive websites.)

Rates For Website Design and Publishing
Our services include client consultation, website design and liaison with a web service provider. We subcontract to a very inexpensive and reliable provider (GoDaddy) for the purchase of a web address (domain name) and hosting service. The costs of these services are borne by the client but we help set you up.

• $50.00 per hour

• A simple 3 page website could cost as little as $100 to design. Domain name registration and website hosting services are extra. Ask us for details.
• A multipage website could cost anywhere from $300 to $2,000 or more depending on complexity. Domain name registration and website hosting services are extra. Ask us for details.

NOTE: Domain name and web hosting services can be purchased for one to ten years. The longer the time frame, the cheaper the cost).

Our clients include:

Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions; Government of Canada; Lee Valley Tools; Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE); Retired Teachers of Ontario; Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association (CWSA); Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany; Ishaka Cultural Group; Sweet Grass Records; Lutheran Church Eastern Synod; Futures Food Products; Rideau Ferry Harbour; Heritage North Museum; Mosaic International; The Ayalik Fund; Ottawa Children's Choir; etc.

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All prices are in Canadian dollars and include tax. Rates may change without notice.