Help With Mac® and Apple iOS® Devices

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Mac™ and Apple iOS™ Device Setup & Troubleshooting
Rates For Mac® & Apple® Device Setup & Troubleshooting

Our services include client consultation, purchase, setup, and troubleshooting. We specialize in software and Mac/iOS operating systems. We do not repair hardware but can refer you to a reliable Apple Certified Technician who does. We can install RAM memory upgrades and hard drives in certain cases.

Formerly an Instructional Technology Coach with Ottawa’s largest school board, the owner of TechHelp Ottawa has years of experience working with Apple® products. He holds an “Apple Authorized Training Certificate of Achievement."

• $50.00 per hour

+TechHelp Ottawa is in no way affiliated with Apple®, which is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries, as they are distinct and separate entities. Any advice or assistance provided by TechHelp Ottawa is done so as a private service and is not endorsed by Apple® in any way. TechHelp Ottawa only attempts to allow better understanding of said computers through instruction and tutorials. Apple® is the sole owner of the “Mac” and “iOS” trademarks.

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