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We Digitize CASSETTE tapes to CD, WAV or MP3

TechHelp Ottawa is located near the Via Rail station, Ottawa Train Yards and St. Laurent Shopping Centre east of downtown Ottawa.


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To CD, WAV, AAC or MP3


• $3 for simple CD label
• $7 for custom colour CD label
• Add $7 for each extra CD copy
• Add .50¢ each for separating tracks

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Audio archiving the right way!

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At TechHelp Ottawa, we do audio archiving the right way! We use only the best equipment available such as studio quality cassette tape decks and audio mixers.

We have also invested heavily in state-of-the-art computer software programs that reduce inherent background tape hiss. Where possible, we pay particular attention to voice enhancement, especially on spoken recordings, so that they often sound much better than the original tape. Volume is normalized where necessary.

Tracks are separated manually, and high quality WAV files are produced that can be burned to CD. These WAV files can also be converted into compressed MP3 or AAC files that are imbedded with "metadata" including song and album titles, artwork, artist, genre, etc. Your computer or player needs this information to identify content. Inputting this information can be very time consuming when done manually, thus the added cost for producing audio files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Tagging" is the process whereby each track is imbedded with information about the song and album title, artwork, artist, genre, track number, production year, etc. This information is called "metadata" and is what your computer or player uses to identify each song.
Tapes are notorious for their background hiss. Reducing this annoying distraction on cassettes tapes is included in the price. Many home recorded tapes, however, require extensive sound editing, voice enhancement and restoration at additional cost.
Regardless of how many segments or songs there are on a tape, content is initially captured as one continuous sound file. Therefore, tracks must be manually defined—one song at a time, at 50¢ per track—before they can be committed to CD or converted to digital files. A typical music cassette tape, for example, holds approximately 15 - 20 tracks.
For just $7 more, the surface of each CD is professionally imprinted with a custom-made inkjet label using an image of the cassette label or the image of your choice. Each CD is packaged in a paper sleeve for protection.
We use only the best equipment available, such as a professional studio mixing board and professional series cassette tape decks. By capturing your original media using high sampling rates, we produce large, high quality, uncompressed WAV files (exactly the same file type used on commercial CDs). Sound files are passed through software specially designed to reduce tape hiss.
We will assist you in backing up your commercially recorded cassettes for your private use only. We will ONLY work from the original copyrighted material that is owned by the customer for whom we are doing the work. Our fee covers the cost of our labour and use of equipment. No digital lock will be broken in the process, and we will not duplicate copyrighted material for public distribution.

December, 2012 — Canada's recent Copyright Modernization Act "legitimizes activities that Canadians do every day. For example, it recognizes that Canadians should not be liable for … copying music from CDs to MP3 players, or backing up data if they are doing so for their private use and have not broken a digital lock." Bill C-11 was passed and received Royal Assent on June 29, 2012.

Tips For Better Service

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that cassette tapes be accurately labelled. This helps us to properly label the resulting CDs.
It really helps when you present us with tapes that are rewound to the beginning.
Knowing the length of each tape will help with calculating an estimate. Cassette tapes are usually labelled 60 (30 minutes per side), 90 (45 minutes per side) or 120 (60 minutes per side). Since CDs hold 80 minutes or less of content, cassettes that are over 80 minutes require two CDs at additional cost.

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